About Us

Luger Research e.U. – Institute for Innovation & Technology
Exploring Light for a Better Future

About Us
Founded in 2001, Luger Research e.U. is an independent publication, digital platform, events and research organization that supports the global lighting sector. Focused on improving sustainability and well-being, Luger Research e.U. encourages and enables experts in lighting organizations, research centres and scientific bodies from around the globe, to explore and develop technologies and trends for future lighting solutions. Luger Research e.U. has grown to include the global information hub LED professional, the awarding winning conference and expo LpS (LED professional Symposium +Expo), and in 2017 they launched TiL (Trends in Lighting), an immersive showcase and forum that address the big questions in light design and technologies. In 2020 LpS Digital has been launched as the first digital lighting conference and exhibition.

We foster a global understanding of future lighting solutions. We do this by raising awareness, communicating and supporting the lighting industry and research, and by facilitating partnerships. This enables lighting technologies and trends to contribute to sustainability and well-being, for a better future.